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November 8, 2014

We just want to let everyone know that the field is not ready for prime time yet. There is still a lot of cleaning and junk removal that needs to happen. We are working extra hard to get it done ASAP. If we don't answer the phone please know that we are not ignoring, we are just likely not close to one.

If you want to volunteer to help speed up the process we would appreciate all the bodies we can get. Its not that hard of work, there is just a lot of it to do. For those that do help, every hour of help we will be giving a corresponding hour of field time when we open. In addition, anyone who volunteers more than 8 hours will participate in our volunteer appreciation game day which will be held prior to field opening. Please note that should you volunteer we do require you be wearing CSA approved safety boots.

Thanks for your understanding

Old Updates

Thanks so much for all of your patience while we transition to our new location! We apologize for the delays in processing orders, receiving new product, and answering emails and phone calls. All of our systems are back up and running, and we will do our very best to respond to all inquiries in a prompt and efficient manor.

  The new store and indoor field is located at 11217 - 149 Street, Edmonton, Alberta.
Our entrance is on the north side of the building (which also houses Home Run Sports & Kastner Auctions).
We do not have any external signs installed yet but will have something out ASAP. Look for the large "Home Hardware" and "All Weather Windows" Signs on the north face of the building, they will soon be replaced with our own.

We are not able to accept any consignments or repairs until the store is 100% complete.

The indoor field is not open yet.

Please note our new hours of operation during the week, 12PM-8PM Tuesday-Friday, 10AM-5PM Saturdays, closed Sundays, Mondays, and long weekends until further notice. Extended hours will be announced once the indoor field is open.

Thanks for all of your support!!

The Capital Airsoft Team